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abnormal, kept himself on an alkaline regimen for three months b

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considerations sur le traitement des fistules vesico vagina-

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tablets, 100,000 units each, four times a day; mak-

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ments, now to be described, and retire until garments have been

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prescriptions from various physicians throughout the city,

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The notable alteration in the circulation which takes

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spine, admitted to dispensary March 8, 1849; presented the symptoms, and

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hysterectomy performed. Her mind was so fixed, and her deter-

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beneficial results that followed the adoption of precautions

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Fee Table and Regulations, hereby express their willingness and desire to make suitable

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treatment we made sure that there was free action of the bowels.

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me that if a lens were colored alternately blue and yellow, that with au

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cerebral function, yet pathologically the brain lesions take a secondary

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and where that event is threatened he directs prevention of it by pressure

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whom were known to me, to become acquainted with, in addition to the ordinary at-

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nece.saarily become vacant with a change in the national administration,

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individuals under careful surveillance because of their pre-

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are or have recently been affected with it. In this city it is not infre-

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„r ,o nnr, I . .u .• f .u . , 1 his Salt IS quickly obtained by decompo-

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operated upon the other side about three years before. He has remained

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general rules are to be observed. It must be a cardinal principle to stop

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attack and progress are more marked and rapi.i, as in ti.e m^ile.

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