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of the spots, small transparent vesicles arise, which quickly enlarge

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for Children, with a spoon-shaped depression of the left frontal bone.

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toms arise until the cancerous mass begins to ulcerate and break

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from thrombosis of the femoral vein. Many patients die in the sixth

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The most favourable climate is a dr)'- and equable one

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use what may be termed a fixed position, that is, in the case of

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proceed from the suppression of cutaneous eruptions by means of local

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typhous oral and pharyngeal catarrh to the Eustachian tube and cavity

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epidemics seem to come from the West Indies, and to start among

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to the skin and bowels justly enjoy a good reputation, we must not

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employ the treatment already laid down, little as is the prospect of

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the other hand, as Logan Turner points out, if there is a

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collapse, and oedema of the lungs. The scarlatinous sore throat, which

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attacks of dyspnoea, but intermittent bronchitic sounds, pro-

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silver, liquor ferri sesquichloridi, carbolic acid, or tincture of iodine

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be at the commencement of a typhoid fever, when an emetic might

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upon Loeffler's serum, on exposure to a suitable temperature.

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ture of transformed haematine). Yet some oxalate-of-lime stones are

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