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which prevents a free descent of the diaphragm. Any circumstancei

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depend. We have already emphasised the importance of stress as a con-

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France, that they eagerly watch whatever comes thence and gobble it

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One other circumstance, and I have done. His urinary complaint,

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fifteen grains of quinine, in divided doses, daily, up to the first of April,

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lungs tuberculous, with abscess in upper right lobe. Pericarditis.

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Many diseases, besides those already adverted to, are commonly at-

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pulse, salivation, thirst, cold moist surface, and occasionally diarrhoea, are

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the upper cervical roots are affected. The anaesthesia may extend down

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throughout the body, but in my own cases the liver was the organ that

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lectures on the existing cases and diseases, are given at the hospital

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occasionally, when the head is quite hot, cold water from the spout of a

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The mucous membrane of the tongue, like that of the mouth generally,

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produced by the admiaiatr^ti.on of strychnine^ Bimilar to Iqrdf opbobia. la

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When the importance of the thyroid gland was first demonstrated, it

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sometimes occipital headache and a feeling of distension of the stomach, and

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tem examination, however, revealed the true state of the case. The

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ject projected or situated on a white or whitish ground, and then look-

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free from, disease, and continued so. In this case no other remedy was

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great tusks in tearing from the rocks the shell-fish and seaweed upon Avhich it

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There are, however, some conditions under which hypodermic injections

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and so a malformation of a part may be met with while the other portions

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Half-lying knee flexion and extension ; (?') Standing chest-clapping during double-

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to be taken into consideration as well as the chemical ere this could be

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changes in the vertebrte are probably concerned in its production. Marie

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the right hip, but nothing to be compared with the violent pains felt before. The

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; tended with general nervous torpor or irritability, or with flatulent dis-

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Degeneration of the pulp as a sequence of chronic inflammation and as

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Other nervous symptoms, in addition to those already described, have been

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Human Milk. — M. Donn£, who has lately paid considerable attemioo

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History and Syhptoms of the Case. — James P., »t. 15, a butcliF

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stitution naturally, but endowed with uncommon strength and vivacity

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when one fails to obtain certain knowledge of the nature of the disease by

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the flow of saliva is very great belladonna as atropia may be administered.

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tures could be delivered for the exclusive use and behoof of the appren-

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ter, Vt., of consumption, Dr. Stephen D. Sears, aged 90. — At Bath, Me., Dr. J.

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