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trated hydrochloric acid, more acid added, until the volume is 500 cc., and then the

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of soda ; but I would particularly recommend to you the compound

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granulation and cicatrization in themselves tend to draw

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Senator had seen recovery take place even after the dis-

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selected as the part best adapted for exact observation and

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rior of the auricles to the venous radicles. The auricles may,

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by the fact that most cases of acute appendicitis are ushered in with

does celexa lower heart rate

fodder should share the same &te. Stables and yards where the sick

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man literature was sufficient to eliminate completely

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18 children have been subsequently contacted after an in-

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Cream, 25-Gm tubes— containing 5% fluorouracil in a vanish-

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and her talk was chiefly maudlin. She slept for two days almost

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have come under my observation — one at the hospital about six

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ity of the sensory nerve of the stomach has been devel-

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cleanliness of hands, instruments, sponges, and bandages from the use of

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of the strings of a musical instrument. It seems worthy of special atten-

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quantitative estimation of lactic acid according to Boas' method 206

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I fail to comprehend the point made by Dr. Bosworth. Do

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after-pigmentation of the patches. Kuznitzky attributes its beneficial

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consequences? How are these ends to be best accomplished, what

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