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moved, after three or four days more. In all cases of intuba-

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the convulsions at the end of six minutes on two different relapses. Cured.

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property in the Hygienic Laboratory, Washington, D. C. March

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poverty— an almost unparalleled depression of trade having

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and the upper part of the broad ligament near the uterus, and tied as

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very poor : spoken words could only be heard at a distance

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winter season, the village of Cannet, situate a mile and three

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characterised the nature of the case as that of disease at the

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Samuel Thomson, will have no connection with the pre-

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■ " Sir Jagadis Bose's crescograph is so remarkably sensitive that doubt was recently

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fever shows a decided tendency to spread through a household,

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heat, privation and fatigue, were fairly tried and triumphantly

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Method of Colostomy; Prevention of Hemorrhage in Hip-joint Amputation by

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ing from dead animal bodies parsing through the natural process

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as a result of the animal experiments, injected twice a day under the skin.

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very clearly by the complete records so carefully kept by

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plant, or imbedded in its meshes. The navicula? are shewn at

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Surgeon in Chief, St, CUet,' Hospital for Crippled Children.

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died of this epidemic, [I will observe here, he was the oiilv

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terially modifying the proclivity of the individual thus affected.

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fto an opaque white or crystalline film of cyanide of silver, the chemical change

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ness and blindness are unfavorable in proportion to their degree,

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are conclusions deduced from other papers on the same subject as the

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domiciliary visits differs appreciably in the country or

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