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1929. Mudd, Stuart, Department of Bacteriology, Univ. of Pa. School of Medicine.
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Autopsy nine hours after death by the curator. Dr. W. P. Northrup :
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Day at Guelph and Shutt at Ottawa have found that the effect of
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she should make on the sacred altar of ma- hy certain painful sense impressions" at one
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and modern buildings, equipped with the latest electrical and other es-
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places, in order to develop the absorbing capacity of the subcutaneous
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night of the gth inst. The address was able and scholarly. It was
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squares indicate the calculated number of filaria per c.c. of blood.
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practically all ripe, healthy placentae, but the amount of placental tissue
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blisters, mercury, and low diet, being resumed. When I saw him on 8th
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Sir Shirley Murphy, Dr. Butler and Dr. Thomas, that the time had not yet
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The name is unfortunate for two reasons : the condition is not a form
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half to three quarters of an inch beyond the growths in
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chemical poisons (toxins) which give rise to " septic poisoning."
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the membranes or brain. Hence it is a rule in surgery, in all cases of punctured
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I think that could be very well recommended to the considera-
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Although cases of disease of the testicle when retained in the inguinal
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of brain matter to enter such a school, pass examinations, obtain a
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and when we eat with an ulcer of the stomach we eat
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ties in the gray matter of the anterior ascending con-
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not unknown before the malarial epidemic, but were far

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