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see what pleasure this announcement seems to give you.

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(2) In direct vomiting, bland, unirritating diet ; no concentrated alco-

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the three Collegiate years from July, 18(58, to July, 1871,

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of medical art is exceedingly restricted. To this conclusion we must

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The disease is transmitted by the saliva with which the

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day, and perhaps never shall be able, to give an exact

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Examining board : President, Capt. I. H. Saunders, S. C. First Lieut. John

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substance in the whole blood only, but it is selfevident that, on the

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such an increase aa the present, and a glance at the causes of

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sides, the intercostal arteries of the space between the sev-

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lessness of the child, its refusal to take the breast, its anxiety when

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the trunk and btauches of the jxirtal vein, and in the

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man during one of the stages of their cycle of development. Most of

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when tried by the Jendrassik method. There is no ankle clonus.

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hygienic conditions, surgical interference is clearly demand-

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done when a girl goes to the theatre or concert, and

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Because of increased growth it has become necessary

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name of the midwife; and, (2), the inspection of each mother

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laxed by a turn or two of (he s(ick; you will now see (he mouth of the

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the chest wafCand with it of the heart as soon as the ventricles

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a law giving proper compensation to medical experts

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Having given this succinct, but, we trust, correct view of

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register stood at 29°, which was the only occasion when

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septics or destroyers of germs. I have myself determined expe-

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if used long enough in large doses, will cure cirrhosis.

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