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The Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science. August, 1866.
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I us, is an Atlas, containing illustrations true to
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g>ineral surgeon does in caries of the tibia or in uterine
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a few feet deep, which existed even at the end of the dry season.
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rather coarse threads of fibrin which very largely filled the lumen
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the expulsion of the calculus. (Gazette Med, de Paris,
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Wash., 1895, pt. 1, 174-178. Also: J. Am. M. Ass.. Chi-
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inefficiency of those physicians in whose studies the Rontgen ray examination was
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were abundant in Holland, and an important article of commerce.
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tissue in the cervical region as well a of thai - fication of -
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great variety of topics, have been given before this Society under the di-
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of plants may be induced by meteorological phenomena. Hence, in the inyestigation of the
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would pass almost unnoticed if the patient were not carefully watched.
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luug von Knochenbriiclien. Aerztl. Centr.-An/,., Wien.
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over a flame in a spoon or other receptacle. In naso-
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the outside appearance in advanced cases that one glance tells an expert the
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The specimen is in all respects a typical tenth dorsal
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known of this rapidly growing part of Africa, perhaps a few
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the bone was markedly enlarged, the acetabulum filled up and
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of Brain Abscess. — Since the publication of Mac-
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the small muscles of the hands were almost entirely gone, and there was marked
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peritoneally seems the most logical, does least to disturb normal anatomy
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M'ithin organs as well as upon surfaces. A tubercular arachnitis or lepto-
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