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shortened the sittings, also shortened the time between
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concentric movement imparted to the capillary fluids and circu-
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which the patient has received from the surgeon ; and
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Hart, £2 is. ; Dr. Semple, £1 Is. ; Mr. Gascoyen, £2 2s. ; Mr.
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cause of collapse. I have foimd this best carried out by a combination of
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tbrmed during the incubation of small-pox, modifies the characters of
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claim sustaining measures — stimulants and nourishment — conjoined witli
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attended with certain inconveniences, and in particular,
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condition of the nervous arc of afferent and efferent fibres
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of efficient Medical Schools, we may mention the Canadian
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ciate the appearances presented by the heart when it is taken
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It is not necessary that the part should die. Putrescence may
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to exhaust the little patient. In the second place, the
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[h) But the technical or chemical sense of these words is
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eral days without relief, it has a more fatal tendency. The same
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tension of a tuberculous process through the diaphragm
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physician to see that these ends are accomplished before he leaves the
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energetic and successful elsewhere, remain at the foot of the
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which the emunctories are incapable of getting rid of. This may be
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instances of definite record. In the group of colored males, out of
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never vohmtarily drank, liquid manure or mud from some swamp,
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.■Xlthough the cavities in the lungs were unusually

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