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tended nearly to the point of laceration, would admit of its
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sciousness was still profound, and loud shouting into the
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pound cannot be preserved even in close vessels ; for, after some honrs
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Cover-slip preparations from the blood of the Uver,
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04 :«^ e* rrH-^eo : n >h rn ih : ih ; r-i n ih ^ ;
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Yet, when these smaller things have such important meanings
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the disease along the spermatic cord. The cavity of the tunica vagi-
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Of course, there were some unavoidable risks. We might be unlucky
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tion of a test meal if free acid can be demonstrated. If the contents
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might be well to call attention to the case of Mudd, of St.
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hospital statistics. Evidently Mr. Tait believes that
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most rest on physical evidence. The exudation of h-mph, or the deposit
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around sebaceous follicles, in which the secretion is detained, or is
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among the initial symptoms, involving either circumscribed
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of how the medical profession has been run away with,
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infringing the law for the futui-e. Of the two children referred
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found the wall of the right ventricle six times as thick as that of the left.
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gitiB, should be conducted upon the same general plan, regardless of the period of the
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with anxious expectation the advent of a new-born day.
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the amount of albumen. (6) Increase of arterial pressure >>y
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treatment with increasing doses of from one to fifteen milligrammes
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ItolMC ACID I'dU TllK i'l{i;s!:i{VATI(»N OF UUINK.
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Casb II. — Mrs. M , aged 27; one child 7 years old; no miscarriage. After

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