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The spleen is somewhat softened and its lymphoid elements more dis-
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give the bread a flavor. This, with a cup of coffee, composed
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hypersemic. But in this instance the primary thermic effect upon the
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broken into bits ; and how to get it out without mangling his
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the American Public Health Assm-iation. which will meet in
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patients to drink water ; beyond this they amount practically
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Dr. Austin Flint published, in 1882, a lecture which exercised a
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a small pulse is not an indication of heart failure will be evident to
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rapidly bathed, not sponged, as follows : From the hollow of the naked
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Diseases of the Lungs. The onset is extremely insidious: a persistent
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and face. Characteristic urinary phenomena are associated in uremia,
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dose. They come nicely put up, and do good by encouraging
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aspirated from the spleen, but their true significance is not known. The
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There are two substances causing convulsions, — potash and
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maker of such pastries will poison his patrons who is abso-
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furosemide and potassium-sparing agents
and after repeated coughs with subsequent deep inspiration the rales are
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check the waste of the albumin, and so do the carbohydrates,
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the remedy j;?ar ezcellenee, since it tends to arrest the peristaltic action
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Horatio Wood sums up as follows : For a person in health,
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ingeniously constructed and seems to be superior to the German instru-
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we eat are the Agaricus campestris, the common mushroom,
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ammonia is valuable for rapid effects in syncopal attacks. In cases of
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phere. These simple substances are received in the leaves
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most far-reaching, and, being based on true scientific princi-
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other disease in its ordinary forms, but be very careful when
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cal science. As a student I learned much more in the quiz
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the tube to the zero mark with milk and allow it to stand in a
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affable and very painstaking, asking many questions, finally
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The presence of osteophytes is rarely any hindrance. These
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are to be fumigated and aired daily for a week, and the rubber covers
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usually amenable to ordinary treatment. In cases resisting the latter,
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is introduced into the rectum, the patient being in the recumbent pos-
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followed melena. The blood does not appear in the evacuations of the
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which rises rapidly, together with a marked and early appearing pros-
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not of a serious character change the focus of distribution of
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London Lancet, the account of which I take from the Phila-
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a day is enough for a hearty meal. As I said before, twice
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testimony in regard to its effect upon the case is in entire accord with
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to see a roomy, clean, dry, light, and well-ventilated stable or
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(10) Circumstances connected with Individuals. — The alcoholic is espe-
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bathtub of tin is placed alongside the bed, from which it is separated
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rate investigation into such now universally used remedies as
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Complications. — Erysipelas occasionally acts as a serious compli-
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