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bench material, such as animal liver or excised tumor

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First, what is the matter?; second, what to do for it.

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but while the dilatation and failure of the heart may have caused the

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billion by the year 2000. 6 These people require food, shelter, jobs,

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i'f tln> kind li.i- miuriTj ,i« tlir rc-iih "f llir Irli JiiiL,' fiil^c pinjutcj !<

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Dr. Earl ; When Dr. Peasley asked me to discuss '* Special-

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of the catheter becoming blocked is almost entirely

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bov liecheniy a bryushnavo tifa n dietei na kolebaniya

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proved that narrowing the calibre of the renal artery in an animal causes diminu-

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part in the aetiology of the complaint. It is far more common in women

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interesting fact, that nitric acid should so parts of the tongue, and the other one on

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logically related. Of intrinsic pigmentation the most important are

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of the cycling community to read the public comments that are just now

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The site of the injection had a special influence upon the latent

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tine, and this exaggeration always appears wherever the manifestations

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o:ich of the Medical ofucers of the Hospital did not appear to

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included fourteen cases reported by me.^ They include, also, Herrick's

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religious topics and the religious ideas of various peoples and

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is produced, and may be obtained on evaporation. These

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patient a short time ago. There was not the slightest evidence

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over its fellow of the opposite side. The Kanke method shows no

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to slip out of sight by the mystery and the befogging habit of

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retics," which had been adjourned. This is the more to

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siderable reserve. He has a right to inquire how is it

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period, a very exact idea of the properties of the waters

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curred. Grayson's case (0) has been largely quoted. Nu-

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