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the Quaker's Retreat at York, has at last convinced the

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accomplish this primary indication, if evacuations may not

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English authors, and from those who reside along our northern

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the emetic, the secretion may be promoted by the adminis-

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tongue dry and glossy, and very red at the point. Bowels

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the lids, deposited small quantities upon the globe of the

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of the death-rate among the various forms of insanity, finding

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Jackson St, St. Paul, MN 55101. Phone: (612) 221-3992.

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swelling was reduced, and a large quantity of serum evac-

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beneficial effects of arseniate of antimony in cardiac diseases,

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tricity, has constructed an electrical machine of immense

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Medical Examiners contributes to the building fund budget

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It is true we find them liberal of their thanks to Mr. Steven-

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or to what extent this influence may so emanate, or as to

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of depletion (which no one now dreams of), but the withholding

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imi:»ossible to predict that any particular case will recover. It

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There is, I believe, no matico in the United States on sale

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30. Males M: School-age pregnancy why hasn’t prevention worked?

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fested by our medical brethren for information concerning

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are phenomena of static, and not of current, electricity. In the

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tion. In the latter case the operator has control of

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the whole art of f;yneeolojiy and also of the diseases

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rus; the attachment was slight. Tonic contraction of the

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Pediatric Grand Rounds - 7:30 am, Sioux Valley Hospital Auditorium, Info: Dr. Larry Wellman - 333-7178 (Joan).

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offer the ketogenic diet as a therapy for children with

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as may be, render perfect. But there is another aspect in which

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immediately on a projection screen and the computer

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Eczema of the auricle and auditory canal is not often brought

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