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Treatment. — Palliation and alleviation of symptoms, as they

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ner of the cage, and try to hide. It is rather surprising that compara-

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in the mucous membrane is not perfected, and, as a re-

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of the atmosphere through which it has passed. It always contains

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think it proper to submit the following as the course which

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to either the one or the other of these departments. The terms medical path-

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of Cohnheim and Lichtheim have rendered it improbable that hydrsemic plethora

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surrounding it like a sheath. They are black and hard, though not

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secondarily dislocate the entire heart. Thus, dilatation of the right ven-

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other recent papers on this subject, records several

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patients with inflammatory bowel disease. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 1984;

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links of the Town and Country Club, and back to town

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tented themselves w^ith ascribing a fatal result to the general

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frictions, unlimited as to quantity ; but in few instances, and

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It happens that while the central portion of an area has become

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r.Y sTr> noBET^T h. wooes, M.1\, M.Ch., F.E.C.S.;

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There is a rounded mass of new bone attached to the

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are concerned. A tuberculous ancestry is not infrequently found

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sary. Its series of academic conferences is a highly

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co-ordinating the motor and sensory impulses of the cerebral cortex

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there appeared a number of small furrows, owing to the action of

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be made in favour ofUi. James Lvcas, 11, J\cw Burlington-

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right was gready dilated and there was a hard whitish

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