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D. C, and ordered to the naval proving ground, Indian
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condition at that time are unknown, except that he was
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removed without including the adjacent soft tissues.
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poliomyelitis occurred in IQ08 in Northfield, Barnum, and
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cal a>id Gyncccological Association, p. 60, 1903) re-
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Lea & Febiger, 1910. Pp. xviii-1027. (Price, $6.)
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most anxious for the detail, and less pressure would
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tember 2Sth, Dr. Winfield S. Coursen, aged eighty-six years.
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lodged. The wound was on the right side of the head at
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of cells have different stages or periods of evolu-
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developed. This contmued with varying degree of severity
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mering place. This magnificent solid stone building is set on
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tive operations (resection of joints, excision of tu-
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depth of the wound, the suture material, and the com-
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current with a strength of fourteen volts, and also
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started on the 26th of October, 1909, at the Munich
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years of age. Length of body. 158 cm. Weight, 270 lbs.
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palsy. There was no evidence of auditory or visual de-
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of the Revenue Cutter Service. Detail for the Board:
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resource is atropine, i/ioo to 1/50 of a grain, but
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fectly well that the plural of cataplasma is cataplas-
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of specimens of that concretion (of which the orig-
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the slightest choreic movement except at one instant when
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manifestly better results. It is without danger and

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