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fibres are in the postero-external column, but as each successive healthy
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golden colored clot, which was attached to the earns columnae and chord® tendinese of the
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the walls of the capillary and other vessels, and of the muscular fibres
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Ansesthetics and Urinary Secretion. — By W. II, Thompson.
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disease it was once thought, is not formed exclusively in the liver. The
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resource, the Caesarean section was performed, and, to the astonish-
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Finally, one arrives at the core problems which include
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the length of the same. In some animals a twenty minute
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was apparent that it could not be right to divert the food
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Qost important encephalic diseases have their point of departure
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myself is closed. I have quite as little time or inclination to fi:r;her
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or if they are under nine years of age to at least two years."
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normal pressure within the healthy stomach of man varied between 2
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they are all heated by means of hot water. The store and
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died of this epidemic, [I will observe here, he was the oiilv
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Abstract of Case, Chart II. Observations at first every fourth hour, then twice daily. Acute
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surgeon and of the condition of the gastrointestinal anas-
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His countenance, though not icteric strictly, had a
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malformations of the cranial bones, such as the premature ossification and
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subject of this condition, at first presented a tumour in the region of the fundus
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vaccination. He is, however, a believer in its communicability from
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therap. 'Wchnschr., 'Wien, 1899, vi, 2.57; 29: - .Silex (P.)
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absolutely still. Intolerance of any noise or din. In-

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