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in the same individual ; (ii.) it is usually bilateral, whereas bilateral
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urinary tract rupture as a consequence of this pressure, the result
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of antitoxin were given with satisfactory results, but
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a single written line to record their origin, religion, arts, wars or diseases.
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cured; four cases of gastrointestinal affections, with
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eral practice in northeastern Wisconsin in a city of
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were then shown the whole material necessary for the sanitary
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nate in deciding to remove the uterus by what he felt with the instru-
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more easily diffused and diluted, are blown away by the
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continued with increasing rapidity and energy, sometimes for two or three minutes,
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delicate point that the slightest stimulation made at any
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point, recently applied to clinical purposes by A. von Koranji, owes its
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brane into the finer bronchi, and before the development
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directed forwards, is thrown into even sinuous undulations
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1. Trichina spiralis is the juvenile state of a little round- worm.
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there is a gastric hyperacidity which is due not to the fermen-
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service in December, 1863. He was consulting surgeon
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of water, and is now in good health, 12 years later.
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leaves and seeds of Taxtis are known to be poisonous, and its
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haustion 7 ; apoplexy and palsy 3 ; epilepsy 2 ; erysipelas 2 ; suicide, dropsy,
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For Languor, Nervous Affections, Fevers, Colds and Coughs, Thtush,
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compass the aorta and its great branches, and enter into the in-
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Retrospect constitutes a Condensed Register of Medical Facts and
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evidence' in reaching a working hypothesis on this circu-
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acid, which must arise constantly in the catabolism of the higher
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venience, except that arising from the need of con-
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however, present in all cases, and it is therefore probable that there is in
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reject the decision of its committee. In some form or
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mainly by alterations in nutrition; the second^ to those in which
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superior benefits derived from the modem treatment of diseases. I
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More usually ulcer of the stomach is a chronic malady and character-
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The experiments have been confined to the cheapest food

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