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near railroad, and but few roads, but there skin. If pressure is made in the bicipital sul-
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organisms as causes of infectious diseases, so far from being
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as yet undiscovered. It is a remarkable fact tliat wliereas the
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State Boards desiring practical interstate reciprocity in med-
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logic condition. He shows that in the genital canal there
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much more under our control. As to the morbid secretions,
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using a good big one which is large enough to catch hold of
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of reinfection from witliin the organism is the only alternative. Of the
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involvement of the uterus, the latter was the organ to be attacked.
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exarata. It is dedicated to Henry VIII., and contains the Vesalian
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may arise which may puzzle the physician and seriously endanger the
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Art. II. — T7ie Jlisiology of the Scroful'ides {Lupus).^ By
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essary to use remedies for relief. This quack boasts of having a se<
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mtju. In tibe ftrst fdaee, through the hsart, a compound hollow muscle, throughout which nerves from various sources
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the board may, at its own volition, keep the standard
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ease, Professor Neumann claims, are always successful.
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required. They must be under constant observation. This is
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dystocia, due to coils of cord round the foeths. The uterus was ex-
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five a teaspoonf ul every half hour (in very acute cases,) or every
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peutics. The last period of the History of Medicine is
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the nerve in the infra-orbital canal, procured fifteen months' relief for the
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a certificate showing that, prior to entering upon the presciibed three
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ments, heavy flannels, and the practice of " bundling
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Forty-six patients gave a negative history of consumption in
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then urge legislative action. He asked Dr. Ranch to what ex-
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suitable subjects and through his suggestion the task of their selection was
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the cerebellum and spinal cord. They were treated in the same way,
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their reply "no." This latter reply seems to indicate that the

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