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founded on the popular and ancient, but very superficial and

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from some of the fixed tissue elements in the neighbor-

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and induces sleep. This is a remedy to be employed with great circum-

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In such instances, however, pressure over the afi'ected site may

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fication could not be permanently maintained, we cannot say whether,

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dries up into a firm cheesy mass, which ultimately becomes calca-

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to discover any macroscopic or microscopic lesion, and may re-appear with

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extended it three inches above the umbilicus, being careful as he proceeded to arrest

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and sugar in abundance, he cannot be said to have the

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smearing it over animals which have to pass through a Tsetse-

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ing teaspoonful of fine salt; one coffee-cupful of tepid water.

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by reason of their mental obliquity for association with nor-

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fissures divide the plates of thickened epidermis into irregular islands.

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authorities who fail to check them, and the only persons

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ing suspension operations now fortunately losing their vogue.

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Therefore, 'Dyazide ' should be used with caution in patients with

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This child has malignant endocarditis and will die in about five

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two, and occasionally is prolonged for several weeks. It is a period of

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passion, intoxication, or other temporary mental disturbances.

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tee, made at the next meeting, December 14, asserted that,

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perhaps it was a coincidence, but since he has found it necessary to have a

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cured by intravenous injections of coUargol, have been published

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meet with it, I should know that it could mean nothing

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the femur, which burst spontaneously, and discharged a considerable

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the cells which were described by Altraann. They rep-

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perforation of the appendix had occurred, but a general

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he found the remains of an ovum in the other tube. Tait J

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Ber. ii. d. Tersainiiil. d. ophth. Gesellsch. 1896, Wiesb., 1897,

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energetic and successful elsewhere, remain at the foot of the

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to stand cold provided they are not under the influence of alcohol, because

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ninety pages or more. We have perused the work with

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