Clotrimazole And Betamethasone Dipropionate For Genital Warts

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passing to the left lung or on the trachea, or to pressure interfering

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the vibration, whether valvular or of a purely fluid character,

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Some Observations on Renal Casts. — Walter E. Tobic says

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evidence of softening. The patient lived in a different State and the

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Amputation. In the discussion Dr. Robert H. M. Dawbarn

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wound on the arm increasing ; thoughtlessly rubbed off the scab, which was

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first time. lie complained of some pain in thw left

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large plate or in a tumbler of water, their points being saved

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all that it is a very good word and is rapidly being

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or have been employed with results apparently less successful than

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accompanied by a localized pain in the spine. The paralysis will involve

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Bennett c fed four lots of half-bred Berkshire pigs to compare the

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Brockmann, Harry L., High Point; Univ. of Pa., 1917; U.N.C. 1917 1921

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the study of the causes, and new methods for the treat-

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young man who was accidentally wounded near the external malleolus

clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate for genital warts

Barry eDtered college an anatomical department had been started

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to avoid the strong light stimulus, may go about with the head dow-

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it may be in her view, distant or otherwise, she is too apt to anticipate *

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bath, where there are proper establishments, and where care can be

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ferve, with others, as data for future inveftigation. But I cannot

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that are due to the associated disturbances logical conditions, but we must remember

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the bowel in the absence of a history of colic, it is probable that they

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without attempting to work out the progress of this glycosuria.

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anesthetized and about the same time for him to awake from

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them — but merely as a matter of principle. It certainly would

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nounced disease has already been mentioned. The widest variation is

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of the presence of sugar also. But this is not a safe inference.

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plaster as a substitute for the ordinary apparatus used

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The Meeting a Third of a Gentiiry Ago. — This is the

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ing and septic endocarditis. In December she began to

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