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cations, does add something to the element of danger,

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movement of the fragments. Fig. i shows examples of this

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Notwithftanding the many. fymptoms here pointed out of the

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the two sections, and that the regents of the University may be

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which time passive motion and massage will be employed in order

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temperature, race, and alcoholism. The death rate is

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Springs of Arkansas ; abroad, Vichy, Carlsbad, Wiesbaden, Homburg,

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, ,. " . . „., Medical Societies at Heidelberg, on the 17th

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sputum, and all other similar vehicles of bacteria will not, so

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Gaz., Lond., 1884,' ii, 403.— Green ( H. W. G.) Disloea-

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3r; then wash inside and out in hot water in which a cleansing material has been

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septic epithelium removed, when it is ready for grafting purposes.

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No temperature unless the gastritis comes on as a symptom of

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, convictions based on pathological findings, was first

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> Another child was stricken with a light attack of the same character

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Mr. Muirhead Little showed the radius and femur from

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Dr. Peppee said that he was not prepared to admit the

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The most frequent sufferers are laborers occupied with the dry-

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the relative mortality of all cases in the year 1896 (including those

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placed on change of air, quinine, and chalybeates, and improved

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increased with a pronounced idiomuscular ridge easily produced.

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is very rare, occurring in cancer cases in the proportion of about six

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tional origin occasionally complicate the otherwise localised

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already described, others showing slighter changes, a few coils only being

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carried out in 1886 by Hofmeister and Schutz on the excised

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