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scientific and social reasons. It was decided that the

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of all. They should be placed particularly in the large

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is increased by expiring, and relieved by inspiring, and con-

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wissensch. Heilk., Konigsb., 21. Nov. 1904] -^"Deutsche med. Wchnschr.,

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craft as watchmakers are at theirs ; but watchmakers are not

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moving it entirely lost. When admitted into hospital, the

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reactions. Probably none of the characters of any par-

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In treating of disease of the brain, we have already described that

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doubt as to the presence of tuberculous disease, left

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It is evident, that secured as I have described, she cannot fall, the knee

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considerable number have their ears more or less de-

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or capillaries, as in Bright's disease, anaemia, and inflammation.

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Two years ago her voice began to be husky at times and she

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as being one of great value to every student and general physician.

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sometimes it is felt as a constricting band; pain in the back of the neck

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The various descriptions of the different forms of the hymen

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After aspirating, a warm solution of boric acid was gently

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the lungs, kidneys, and lymphatic glands, and not only is there no

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tion of the gland, and according to the intensity of the

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one of a very large family. His father was a Congregationalist,

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Alum Mordants. 1. Alum with one-fourth its weight of tartar.

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more and more indistinct, and finally breaks up into small granules,

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this disturbance of the pulmonary circulation exists in the anastomoses be-

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moved, after three or four days more. In all cases of intuba-

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Elastic Knee Cap, Ankle Bandages, and Abdominal Belts,

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and amorphous crystals of uric acid. If another portion is dissolved in

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writing of his book, and we, the publishers, have deemed it

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midal decussation, but it was not until Flechsig published his

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