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onset than in simple acute meningitis. Vomiling, in most cases, is an early,

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which they were unable to execute. Hence the uraemia and the coma.

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plicity imaginahle iaformed them that the : perceived that the disease, in this instance.

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duced electrical current I have known to be beneficial in obstinate cases.

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the canal as far as the caruncle, where he ^ ^^^ ^^^ ^j^^^ ^g.^^,^ disappeared in

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substance of the unimpregnated uterus. These two af-

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bladder dies : and he who is unrelieved of stone by one pro-

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notice. Nothing would have been more simple than a whisper in tbe

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upon a point of a very trivial nature, as | tendency — the purport of exclusion, clearly

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the vein and its apparent or probable anastomoses. In long

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night or lightly boil (not always satisfactory) ; centrifugalize and then wash

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recommended above for the scalp. In all affections of the head, brushes,

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Tuesday afternoon, having stood in the freezers since the

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and the difficulty and uncertainty of inducing profound hypnosis in

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scammony, gamboge, jalap, and calomel, every third morning. One of

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WaUack commenced his studies at the Aldersgatc School of

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results were very decided. In the animals not treated with

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" There was no fluid in the pericardium. Its surface was every-

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The enlargement of the tonsils is always a very obstinate difficulty,

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Otological Society. — .At the annual meeting of this

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after producing membranes in the trachea by the use of a solution of

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Tully's part of this work. We will merely observe that

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while in the preface to the second the author says: — " I have now

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