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of pure arsenious acid in om* specimen. 254 grains of iodine

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would merely increase the difficulty ; but instances may oc-

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said of many, if not of all manly sports. That is an ar-

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duce a contraction of blood-vessels. Of course this contraction expels the blood, and

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describing the features of the case, which precisely corresponded with those

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nothing more nor less than a bait to lure customers. The good man is

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engender widespread disquiet and discontent on the part of others.

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size of an egg and slightly movable. An incision showed it to

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at an early age (from 18 to 25) offend against property

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culous disease — almost universal dullness and mu-

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scrofulous glands. Of course in some of these maladies

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the animal economy." (Anal. Gen. V. I. p. 307.) To make

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tent colony for consumptives will be established at Ottawa, 111., under the pat-

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loop of bowel, or the bowel itself to some movable organ as

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mentioned became bad enough to make her seek the hospital. At both these

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to this flank. It was thus shown that the rectum, descending colon, and

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Barrett, was only twenty-five years of age when he died ;

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places. (Cheers.) Was it not fitting, therefore, that the

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Soc, Denver, 1892, 134-138.— Ijediarii. Compound com-

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A Hybrid. — Brandeth, the fabricator of grandfather pills — a

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but a marked increase in the force of the heart-beats. Usually the con-

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gical scale; it is destitute of the cephalic extremity and cor-

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will see one of those figured in my 'Clinical Illustrations,' in

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