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ion. The economic importance of the malady in Porto Rico, as depicted

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Deterioration of the humanized virus is to be added to the causes, pre-

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twenty he accepted a position in a small town in the State

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condition of the eyes. Dizziness and vertigo result, followed

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The number of Surgical out-patients at the old Hospital

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43 years. — Dr. Joseph H. S.mith, Plattsburg, N. Y., Oetober

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buoyant state in which he existed while under the effect of

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hope of direct reward, spend hours of toil in search, by tlie

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in the centre, presenting incipient staphyloma. I performed

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discussions, but relates both concisely and accurately his own

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The parasite therefore consists of a little mass of chromatin (the

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once, part with the injured, bad tenant, and have peace

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somes live in a rich nutritive medium, namely blood, in the vertebrate, or

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fects, such as pyrexia, joint pains or skin eruptions.

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tubercle, and his tracing it through all its stages, from its

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iodine of our pharmacopoeia. Its application sometimes seemed

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rhythmical occurrence of two or three beats in such case is probably

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f erred digitalis, or caffein, alone, or in conjunction with

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lungs are commonly affected ; auscultation reveals abundant

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