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A complete autopsy was not allowed. Injection of the

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necessary to secure the object desired. The duration of the

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In ten of these severe unpleasant symptoms immediately appeared. Eight of them

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received a superior Service Honor Award. Three summer students,

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if further investigations show that most of the cans

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arose from Marske his presumed sire, it must be by virtue

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amenable to treatment by hromids, which relieve them at any

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strangulation had occurred. In some of the cases, how-

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, between these two cases. The same forceps used in

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carrier, for example. Infection in these ways by fleas is, however, far

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ease. I can not plead strongly enough for the employ-

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for the reUef of gastro-intestinal symptoms in the beginning of fever,

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cerebri; the cavity being about three-fifths of an inch

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the epigastrium, or of some special sense of vertigo or the like — becomes

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the Training School for Nurses. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore,

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Recreation and Welfare Association in FY 1968 committed its organization to a

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Dr. Moorhead cited a case of his own similar to Mr. Wheeler's

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mented in quantity, and that in these special cases it is further-

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like four. Three weeks previously to coming to the Hospital the

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