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tissues were in reality quite complex structures; and one's

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but while the dilatation and failure of the heart may have caused the

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traction, Mr. Steele caused the occiput to sweep the curve of the

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to repeat the reaction when once it is found, even if he know he is saying or doing

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description of six cases of rodent ulcer, and subjoins beautiful

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hypodermic use of morphia and the rectal administration

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whether they be done at an angle of forty-five, sixty,

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cranial fossa, being more strongly curved, it is certain that the capil-

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hood. In the two others the cavity of the tube was the seat of the mor-

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effect a cure under such circumstances. The successful resiUt

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withwhicli the patient and liis friends, — when they have thrown

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The presence of epithelial casts may be taken as positive evidence

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tion of Professor Struthers at the Aberdeen University on the

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same may be said of the occurrence of saccharine urine during the

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matism, Dr. Pififard says : " In a number of these cases

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are the facts observed by one's self, and these facts bear much greater weight

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lying connective tissue only are affected and, instead of a

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malarial districts is most dangerous. Equally so is the

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Fig. 8 (G. Family). — Pellagrin 25, J. G., born in 1872 in Georgia, married in

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their perfect solubility and their non-irritant local effects.

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great assistance the practitioner can gain from consulting them. To the

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tion, £1,000; Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, £7,500; the Royal

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empirical facts in therapy leads inevitably to the recognition

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passing out at one or another of the ventilators The

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