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board certification, state of medical school graduation,
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siderable haemorrhage into the pericardial sac, and
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Lectures will be given daily by the Professors of the College,
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be established at the station of the Korsor-Copenhagen
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He now passes about forty hours out of forty-eight in
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longation of the diastole, and a marked increase in the
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ately produced,* which excites an extra influx of blood,
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basilar Artery," tletails two cases of that disease, and refers to
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spective of any anticomplementary action of the antigen itself. This
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France during the Great War 1914-1918. By George Henry Makins, G. C. M . G.
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resemble, in structure and aspect, the secreting gland-cells.
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although an operation is justifiable it is not the exclusive remedy
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would not necessarily explain the complex of symptoms.
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bowel had firmer patches of l^-mph on it. On dissection
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From the reports received, and such information as the Committee has
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the seat of force is located at some spot other than at the seat
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trance and exit wounds are far distant from one another.
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of expressing their feelings on account of the death of Elhanan
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long and useful lim1>, by the use of mechanical apjia-
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extremely entertaining with his original puns and banter. It
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the sick sensitive: its action on them is sometimes agreeable,
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into the adjacent tissue through the walls of the blood-vessels.
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longer. As yet, we are unable to appreciate the exellencies of the
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administration was in gum-julep or in sugared water. The cases so

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