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3 The descriptions of colour of hair, kinds of complexion, etc. have been inserted

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by the Westminster Maternity Charity. Chadwick Prize for

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as stenosis, perforation, gross hemorrhage or malignancy, the asso-

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water being carried beneath the surface in a stratum of gravel, to reappear

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nodes are found at the angle of the jaw. The course of these cases clini-

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Ames, R. P. M., Assistant Surgeon. — Granted leave of absence

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the stomach. At the time of the operation the patient had

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octavo volume of 1099 pages, with over 700 illustrations, some in colors.

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degree block the transmission between the auricle and ventricle is-

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He finds an increase in the specific bacteriolysin and opsonin (gono-

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then chymified ; that is to say, transformed into a semiliquid mass, able to pass

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alternate advance and retrocession go on until at last the perineum

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made up of several lines in the red, orange-red, and yellow.

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owners were caught possessing as little as less than an ounce

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and make the m sound with the lips closed, she could

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I most serious and careful investigation by the pio-

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goesophagus with a revascularized segment of jejunum al-

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Mansell Moullin^ says, that " urethral arthritis" is closely akin to

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hypothesis is that the actin network regulates secretion in

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The predominance or the exaggeration of one or the other of

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greater epidt-mics of the past and the manner of transmis-

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author's opinion, to render aid in " Spinal Tumor "

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detect in this operation was the application of the ligature SO

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tions are in harmony with those of Strumpell, which, as may be seen by

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usual good-nature. He described in his remarks with

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