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Pharmacy, Microscopy, and allied sciences, throughout the United States and Canada,

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Erysipele de la face dSveloppe spontanfement chez un

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mercury, united by sublimation ^ith one of muriatic acid — ^that

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ledge of the man, give their histories of him. The records thus

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per for the occasion. That you will do this as you do everything else, (in the best

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fore the Christian era, an outbreak having occurred in

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the convulsions at the end of six minutes on two different relapses. Cured.

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on the external abdominal ring is liable to press on the

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stitutive action by the use of snuff. — Brit, and For. Med.-Chh-urg. Rev., Oct.

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vath"therefuseof achemist'sshop — horse physic — refuse of aloes

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enfants est il uu fonctionuaire? [Edit.] J. de med.. Par.,

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medicine ; and, not telling the patient, with watch in hand,

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About this time he would use profane language whenever the

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two or three hours after meals, i. e., at the height of digestion. Other

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Emminghaus found once a temperature of 40.2° C. (104.3° F.),

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those of the Vaccination Act, with mistrust and misgiving, and were I engaged

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but should not cause us to stop the use of these remedial

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cases of disease and injury entered on the sick list was 54,503, which is in

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four thousand practitioners, of whom not more than four hundred had

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