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fuchsin, and with the Biondi Heidenhain triple stain.

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sought a wider field, and he made his way to Auburn, N.

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weeks, and often cause an irritating and disagreeable cough

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in any case they consist in great part of fat (see Lipemia). Some of them, however,

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bacteriology, microscopical examinations, chemistry, physics, and vital

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Themidwifeiy forceps as used and abused. Ibid., 1900,

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These cases were under treatment from three to seven

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ing in contact with horses suffering from tetanus anddj^

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of the cases that came under observation in a condition

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and other authors hold that deficient absorption of liquor amnii, rather

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not injured. There was no accumulation of fluid in the body and the

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nikoff and Eoux found that bichlorid of mercury, 1-3,000, applied one

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2. Fractures of the External Condyle of the Humerus in

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d. The flesh of animals which are affected with extensive, but doubt-

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We have already alluded to the nearly constant presence of angemia

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under ordinary circumstances, is first of all to remove all pressure by a

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Obstructive Growths of the Pylorus. — This was the title of a

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with little cessation until the irritability of the parts is in a

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salt solution at a temperature of twenty degrees centigrade.

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Theoretically it would appear that the this time I had not disclosed my opinion as

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covered the nature and location of the growth, what shall decide

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