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series of experiments was made with disinfectants, with the result
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ceases, do not disturb the parts to look for the vessel ; if the vessel is
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The above is applicable either to the ulcerated or simple
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had no existence ; and it is true that those! the human hand. Although this was, to
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Experimental Iodoform Poisoning. — "Dr. A. V. Koriander, of St.
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directed by the late Dr. James Hamilton, Professor of Midwifery in the Uni-
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One study by O'Connor et al measured the effectiveness
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cellent work of Prof. Bartholow, which treats of the whole range
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Hospital, for the examination and report upon the speci-
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ical examination has revealed simply moderately fine moist râles, at first only
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colour, reaction acid, specific weig h, 1,018 Albumin enough,'
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ingococci and staphylococci, for there can be no doubt that many cases of poly-
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being unai)le to escape, remain to be surrounded by
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defective downward and inward movements, and consequent diplopia with
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ment. The first was as follows: B. L., a merchant, aged forty-
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pulses with each breath of the animal. The startling
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From using the pulse as a test of the regularity of
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tubercular peritonitis have not been diagfnosed at all. There is often
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was too thin and adherent to admit of this. The abdomen was
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II. At the same dates. Eliminations will take place in conformity with
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hydrochloric acid. On March 15 transfusion of 500 c.c. blood was made, and

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