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quantity. A single grain of white oxyd of arsenic acidified
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Distilled water — sufficient to make 19,000.0 cc.
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exception of erythema. He thought the result might be more satisfactory
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below lower edge of pons Yarolii, (d) 3 mm. below edge of pons,
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The violent centripetal irritations of sensory centres
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l*nrtschcr. Casnistiscber Boitrag znr Kenntniss des
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cision of the cervix in the bladder or rectum, are un-
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the requisite elevation to the shoulder. The arm is then drawn over the
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Belg., Binx., 1845-6, v, 61-83. Also, Reprint.— Elliott
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portal circulation. In this stage the efforts of the physician are direoted chiefly to the
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4. Request of John A. Carscallen, of Northbrook, who asks for a fifth of the fine for
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of protein, because protein either forms insoluble lead protein com-
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some time assistant medical officer to the local govern-
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Liebhardt's discussion of the question before the Colorado
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of from 1 to 4 in. If the general condition of the child be
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interference with the nerves and vessels which came out
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intestinal contents and rice-water evacuations ; (3) short
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"kidlets" fair warning, that hereafter I shall feel on our
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Bright's disease is seen in modern life, may be due to faulty performance
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trunk, or foot present, it will be vain to expect any good from this
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spociiiu'M of fractiiro of tlie patoila takoii from Mii- oilier linib
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In many cases" where it is not possible, for various reasons, to
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But that did not in the least prove that there was imitation ; it simply

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