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of the peristalsis, the rupture of an abscess may be

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incision three or four inches in extent down to the wind-

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lapping among so many different contributors ; but, as each was permitted

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years, in a patient thirteen years of age. She at one time was licma-

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do not follow the vessels of the retina. Prof. Gradle says in an article

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A tedious and uneventful convalescence now set in, and

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lower jaw ; and, in a short time, a Uttle fulness is perceived there, com-

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Dr. George K. Smith asked the reader of the paper (Dr. Hawley) whether the

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minutes from a dose equivalent to nine-tenths of a grain of anhydrous prussic

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lying between the meso-colon and stomach. Through the

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but there was reason to suppose it had escaped from the tumour,

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been given, while in others the usual mercurial agencies had

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besides the ether perform a more or less important part in

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The subject of the disease was a man between 40 and 50 years of age,

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a blunt lancet, needle, or one of the many instruments espe-

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died after the experiment closed. " Postmortem examination showed

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is certain as the convolutions of the two cerebral regions have

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system, as organic diseases of the brain and cord, chorea, epilepsy, and the

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