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activity is sufficiently great to create a superiority from this point of view in
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Oral instruction has been given in this school for many
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erty of determining deep modifications in the symptoms
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phatics respectively. He agreed with the view that the
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treatments, but we should not give them to the gen-
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half a pint of brandy. Chloroform was administered twice. After the first in-
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shall be afforded opportunity for drainage and antiseptic irrigation.
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severe, in one or more of the extremities, and occasionally in the trunk ;
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stopped on the 20th. To-day Dr. WyckolT transferred
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were then introduced through incision but failed to
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however, much less potent than others, and the chemical properties are ag
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you have not understood that they are the foundation of all
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minute and rigid conscientiousness and adherence to some
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rout. Syria. Tr. Epidemiol. Soc. Lond., 1895-6, xv, 147-151.
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of stiffness about the neck, with great restlessness and anxiety. The
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nounced disease has already been mentioned. The widest variation is
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quy) occurred in 5 cases, and a feeble whispered pectoriloquy in 2.
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the arterial pressure not being diminished, no obstacle to diuresis is created.
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obstructed and stopped by the formation of successive
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in souring, the contents expand, and require more room. So with
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established procedure. It now becomes the duty of the family physi-
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eighth and ninth, choosing the most dependent parts and
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was discovered by Sir Almroth Wright to be induced by and to be
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Looking at the whole matter of streams pollution solely as an
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Profound as are the roots of hysteria, and although it

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