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to impress the physician with their severity. Needless to say,
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but in other respects general freedom from functional derangement of the tho-
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at all events the mere functional activity, is in some way injurious and irritat-
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physiological criteria. They do not represent advances in our knowl-
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that its contagious element is tenacious of life; and that it is our
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the name of the successful competitor will then be ascertained
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will make in publications assertions entirely unwarrantable."
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the larynx, and interarytaenoid space on the left side. On deep inspiration
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left a gleet — blennorrhea — that has continued ever since. Now, bougie No. 8 showed a
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rises markedly after abdominal massage, tuberculous peritonitis is
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pedient here suggested. We shall transcribe a case or two for
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secretions in detenuining" bacterial species, as the morpho-
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Misce : fiat mistura pectoralis ; capiat cochl, iij. vel iv. quater in die.
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have apparently no chance will pull through. In the
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tional, and more or less constipation is the rule. Pain and disorders
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Only the order Cyanophyceae has importance from the point of
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If the abscess be deeply seated, it ought to be considered whether the part is
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to a span of years. The changes which old age induces in the
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that more than one-half of them have the heart affected.
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agnosticate this lesion will have become sufficiently famil
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rabbit active trypanosomes in a known concentration. Meningeal
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Society of the County of Cayuga, N. Y.; South Boston, Mass.,
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sites are the hip, spine, ankle, and wrist, but any joint may be involved.
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but it should alwaya be rem< mbered that a person suffering from alco-
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