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the same great mistake, which they have persisted in

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dinary mildness of the present outbreak as regards type, the

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attainments made him highly resp. cted. — Buffalo Courier.

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The report shows that under the plan of separate schools, the aver-

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will cause them to be easily displaced, or the occiput to be depressed,

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favoured by the depressed vitality and uncleanly habits of the

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formed the test, a portion of the suspected lard was

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the lungs, he mentioned that a very free anastomosis was established between

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for higher education. A previous college training and

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30 In addition to the references given, the following may be of interest:

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of the medical board of examiners, naval laboratory,

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capable of bearing healthy, vigorous children, and cer-

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It will be perceived that the superior capacity of the

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met with in any other form of death (' Med. Gaz.', vol. 46, p. 478). The pre-

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with what occurs when bacilli are experimentally injected

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on a lesion of the vagina or cervix, as well as on in-

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was some intimate relation between inflammation of the

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reckless extravagance of the nobility of the Old World is

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known to her physician until within eight or nine months of the

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natural powers, or of the value of forceps, or turning, to prevent the

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doubtless, been suggested to him by what he had heard of Pajot's

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2 : 00 Library reading Institute Conductor W. H. Cheever

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exists in ground-squirrels. Elaborate measures have^ been

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has continued the same as in health, whilst the absorption has been diminished.

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mon in our households, especially around fireplaces, and finds its

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The Scalpel ' (edited by the late Dr. T. M. Dolan, of Halifax), a report of a

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