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nurse who had been in attendance on them accompanied them,

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On section. It presented distinct hemorrhages ; other glands were

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idle, sitting under the trees in groups, laughing and amusing themselves,

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a good thing to repress, on rational or moral grounds, the desire to

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of the bone, nor is the i)ain increased by moving the

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light. The ophthalmoscopic observations of Albutt and others show in

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liquor, strain and skim and heat five pints in a large saucepan

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of pus in the lowest portion of the peritoneal cavity.

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chloride solution, cantharidine), and succeeded in producing false

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its singular result, in addition to the experience of Hebra, justifies the recommep-

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Fibrinogen. — Hemorrhage increased the fibrinogen in

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♦Read before the recent meeting of the North Diptheria, but let us not forget Nuttall and

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disease is confined to the appendix itself. A third group is that in which

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lides, psoriasis syphilitica sometimes also accompanies acne and va-

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interest to me ; and I have been more and more gratified

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troubles is seen with reference to the hearts action

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ever attends his " medical society." However, the his-

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ing or riding, fencing and swimming, are excellent in order to increase the

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period of sexual activity which begins near the culminating point of

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but I feel sure that it never produces absolute pai-alysis of any part, how-

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serum. By washing the clot or coagulum freely in water, its coloring

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asleep with ether, having lost control of the epiglottis,

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rated, and producing no symptoms on rapid removal of

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talc or more boric acid should be added, or the propor-

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animals inoculated with diphtheria, the difi'erence was still

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skin stretched over; abdominal cavity and lower extremities greatly swollen and disteodfd.

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rior. Patients who no longer need medical attention are placed in

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