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the purpose of dilution olive oil or a hydro-carbon oil should

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We have yet to see a true case oi grand inal cured by the relief of eye

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appear to be formed by equal and symmetrical portions, which gradually

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found much favor, as the results are too inaccurate. In infants it is often

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one containing gr. ss. of the muriate of cocaine, and

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tne formation of oil in olives after gathering, and the slow series of changes

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respectively) in their patient population with PANDAS. 4

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of the hollow viscera. This test will demonsti'ate strictures and

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consciousness more or less complete — i.e., to paralysis of both

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beneath the puhnonary pleura of an adult. We have already* directed

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of about 4 oz. The transverse colon opposite to the greater curvature

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4. Amyl alcohol (C»H,iOH), less alcoholic odor and more flavor.

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genital defects met about the face and mouth ; he must be

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dressing, and the wound rapidly closed. On September

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way peculiar or unlike other children up to three years of age,

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are characteristic of this injury. Why are they attended

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four-year-old child became severely ill of scarlatina with marked pharyn-

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who is about to perforin some operation requiring skill and experience

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