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month he pocketed i£l,100 in fees; that Dr. Baillie received in one
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the udder, yet they strongly advise against the use of
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all the exanthemata (rubeola, variola, scarlatina, miliaria, urti-
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the discussion of strychnine there are only some brief sentences
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needles, and both needles are made to pierce the integument below
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curing cholera, and he considered that, while the papers read
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its cause in the vena jugularis. Some have attributed it to the arteries ; but
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tional Congress on Tuberculosis to be held in the city of New York, November
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Many years ago, called in consultation to a case of typhoid
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credit of the cure, but it was true that other animals treated with
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and undigested residue of the food should possess stimulating
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I have recently reviewed all the gross and microscopic fixed
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Examining board: President, Capt. Albert Kramer, S. C. C. S. Edmund
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attract, while similar poles repel each other. If a magnet be
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trary doctrine. The principal facts adduced in support of
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tocks and abdomen. She had in the interval been somewhat con-
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detect violations of the Anti-kickback Statute. Though
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The good sense of the Council has at last got uppermost, and neither
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I presented the characteristic stethoscopic signs of
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Recovery of walking power, after complete paraplegia
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ber catheter, also a piece of rubber tubing about one-
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Par., 189C. cxv, 81-99.— Wood (C. A.) Tlie lield of mo-
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arteries, instead of being " permanent," as alleged
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order to obtain the particles of casein coagulum in the finest possible
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impairment of sensation. The right thigh and leg are in the
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Formerly much importance was attributed to a so-called apoplectic

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