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but I believe a plain mixed one to be the best. See
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for any letters which may have been sent by Dr. Livingstone
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find none but the loosest ideas. Syncope, faintness, pain, dyspnoea,
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plume-shaped, and curved in the form of the italic/.
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affected, and burning is felt acutely when common pain and for-
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brane into the finer bronchi, and before the development
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Recently much work has been done on these parasites by
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mobility with the tendency of the patient to burst into tears or laughter,
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n the attempt. One case is recorded, in which a woman, recently delivered,
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or general ; and secondly, the Heedlessness of immobilization or of
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the beginning of 1905 with swollen glands, trypanosomes in his blood,
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quency with which infection, either primary or secondary, occurs, much
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eintritt, nach den fur die zollamtliche Ermittelung des Nettogewichts
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by him, but it appears to me that on the all-important points of
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and one-half acres) on which the hospital is built cost $500 (gold) .
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blood for examination for filarial larva, and Knee: Right, 20"; left, IS^z". Mid. thigh:
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taken, the continuance of which in the system, would
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cept that he has almost entirely represented my own views. I have no
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hollows, cover it with a mattress cover, and place on the springs.
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uria since she was four years old. This condition lasted for sixteen or seventeen years.
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nal for September 12th publishes a report upon various arti-
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watched in each position. During the first the degree of elevation
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or forceps, which may injure the vitality of the wound
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afi^orded by attacks of diarrhoea which relieve the engorged vessels.
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which the bladder is not completely emptied, an irrita-
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ever, by 2 ; while it exceeds Malaga by 3, Madeira by
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case these cells are attributed to the swelling and des-
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reports, their fulness, and their undoubted accuracy and truthfulness,
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April 9th, 1803 ; Edwin Bartleet, Esq., in the Chair.

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