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The inaccuracy of this opinion is proved by the case of a patient

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and the address be given. It should state also the supposed seat and

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expenses of the College for the current year an annual fee of two dollars ($2.00), pursuant

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not handed down^ nor is it known whether the same man had

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the tongue loses its epithelium to a considerable extent, and pustules

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vagina, and it could, at length, be safely dispensed with.

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packed in barrels and transported to the place of sale. In

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The results here recorded are consistent with the observations of

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venting future epidemics of yellow fever, and urged

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The symptoms of chronic phosphorus poisoning are profound

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possess in its prompt and specific action a most valua-

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ing a hypodermic injection of morphine, when it flashed

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an ultimate equilibrium is set up between these two opposing pro-

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Gangrenous spots on difierent parts of the body, especially

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an unfavourable symptom; when very | can do much to moderate the severity of the

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Chloroform Inhalation during Labour. By Egbert Johns,

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statistics given upon this subject by M. Bretouneau, and subsequently

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deserves the title of M. D. quite as much as many of our gradu-

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presence must affect the vitality of the bacilli more or

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stitutions given to the care of the sick and injured, such as City Hos-

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Dr. Fox asked the effect upon the action of the bromides.

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appreciate reports from physicians of any suspect cases

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has given an interpretation according to his own reading of it. I

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malarici fuori dell' uomo (apioposiio di nn lecente .scritto

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[1] AUDRY. Bull. Soc. vUd. des H<'>p. de Lyon, 14 Few, 1902 ; Lynn vird., 1902, xcviii, p. 288.

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that in the milder cases, or during convalescence, the

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tory cultures of the pyocyaneus are taken up very readily in physio-

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all types of the disease, and they may be quite as severe in the non-

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Dr. R. S. Sutton, of Pittsburg, spoke of the rarity

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