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because the name describes its pathogenic and cHnical attril)utes.
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not wanting in a single case. Of 149 cases ti«aU<i in ho^pttfil, in
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123. Penis of the Ascaris lumbricoides, magnified (from Gross's Pathological
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checking it. As it was, all that portion of the cornea
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cions by an analysis made of it by my friend Dr. Steiner, of this city, as well
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Ton detailed observations, seven of which are personal to
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:;:!\'''"^.'-'"' '" ■' ■'•^"''- "' ^"unJpJ np.n. .hk! .,1-,, i,. Jp^.-pp ,,t -p^p'rilv.
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etc., are occasionally observed, but are chiefly of pathological interest.
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cially, when commerce and the law, hold out much higher induce-
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during recovery. This eye did well. In 4 cases there
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Culture." The nurses are to be in every case gradu-
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looked straight, but she couldn't see that it was "just like that inside." The
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used alone. The principle of a urethra of prepuce was
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healing that exists ; while the spirometer tells the
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fleSf so that it cannot get its breath. Snufiles at a time
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» Boston Med. and Surg. Journal, October, 1880, p. 433.
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not be laid on the importance of choosing a satisfactory sample of
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thought that the temperature was not especially intluenced
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producing rapid vesication and was able to obtain the bodies often in
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necessary to classify the fliers on an altitude basis. By means of
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Cancerous tubercles in the liver, lungs, spleen, lymphatic
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the greatest danger, and frequently is quite impossible.
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is neither conclusive nor fair. The extreme views of some moderns are
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figures indicate a larger amount of ammonium compounds in the
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of the mass of the profession should favor the plan,
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syrup f. |iij. Dose, 3j diluted in water f. 3SS. Take such a
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