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188 Eundle : Bed Isolation of Cases of Infectious Disease

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per cent., and Professor Kenvers, of the Moabit Hospital,

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has proceeded for a time, the general production of uric acid

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Etiology. — It usually results from irritating food, flatu-

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with a secret remedy. The patients came in from all

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pains from large doses of ergot, but there are always distinct inter-

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Kazan Government.] Ibid., 1897, xiv, 428-440. — von

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The writer having had his attention called to the disease by an encounter

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hardly entitled to be reckoned in the list of hepatic affections. It will be

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exact nature of the injury is that the patient has suffered.

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1896, ii, 161-166. Also : Gior. d. r. A ccad. di med. di Torino,

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[Transl. from: Rendic. d. r. Accad. d. Lincei, 1898.]

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contracture or spasm of certain muscles, as the ileopsoas (Renz and Koppen)

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public may rest assured that the pledges of this pro-

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during the reign of typhous fever there, and which has never been pub-

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employment of this agent, no other irritant having come into operation

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attack increases the swelling, so that an hypertrophy may ensue, by

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differential diagnosis between these two forms. AH per-

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operation was required. He generally did a perineal

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moved by the addition of a little diluted phosphoric acid.

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medium that can be sterilized and handled with conveni-

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ings have been improved both inside and outside. Arbor Day was observed ,

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lying between and communicating with the Internal carotid and jugular, and

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is split lengthwise, so that the two halves can be separately introduced and, when in place,

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