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to the decade immediately preceding the act. While this
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Through the courtesy of the board of trustees, the substan-
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The left kidney was in a high state of inflammation, and there was some
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brought forward daily by the inventors of new modes of treatment and of
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hydrochloric acid, and the excess of iodin titrated with decinormal
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dent; and society, one whose conscientiousness, courtesy,
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pital fourteen days after the ear began to discharge pus. There was
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tial features of the experiments, the other being reinoculation.
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a favorable turn, the alkali is to be omitted altogether
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fxry severe pains in the region of the stomach ; pale, yellowish hue of the
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order to have become in time men. This argument, the anatomical
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My recommendations have not, as yet, been formally presented
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of health of the several states, where the original
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tion and absorption of fatty substances by the villi of
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tion of cases these animals become affected with tuberculosis of the
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frequent in cholera collapse, and if it becomes more so during
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indefinite period, involves enlargement by false hypertrophy and indura-
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The external applications must be in the form of lotions, as oint-
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glands are always more or less destroyed in all prolonged or
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three to be taken every second day in 3 i. of syr. rhei comp.
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after Easter time, was duly completed, dispatched from Nish (after
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probably did not equal that which would follow excision.
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ter major, I concluded to try it in this case. Every
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growing from the alveolus of each upper jaw, and one which
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regular,and slow; his respirations were 22 per min-
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reaching to the bottom ; to empty the chamber, open this small tap, run
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hand is always to be kept beyond the calculus, and the fingers of the left force it
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precordia. The sitting posture, leaning forward, or moderate pressure with
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mediately outside of the grasp of the other stitches, uniting the in-

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