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Society" of the State of New' AMrk, as defined under
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tered to individual patients continuously for as long as
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age of lasting good results can be obtained in this
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cago’s “I will” spirit is the spirit that each
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Francis, President, a medical study trip to Hungary is
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receiving financial support from the Illinois State
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8. Octennial Report of Chicago Health Dept., 1911-18.
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i- “We agree with Miss Donlon that the Workmen’s
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2. Rountree, L. G.; Brown, G. E. : Ephedrine Therapy
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really sterile. If after a period of three years of
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dark colored scabs from a cow laboring under variolous dis-
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him “sissy” on the athletic field. He is timid and has
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text of this kind with so many different subjects so
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The organization of Medical Relief shall be as fol-
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Philadelphia. The course will be held at the Belle-
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“big business” is getting on the science of medi-
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the hemorrhage, another dose of ergot was administered.
like to see emphasized. To carry on a good program is not cheap, and Buffalo has
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disproportionately good, in contrast to the patient
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INDICATIONS: Hepatic insufficiency, either functional or in association
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this subject, it not having occurred to him to treat a case of
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erts a powerful prophylactic action in cardiac lesions associated with
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the principle also, and thus put ourselves in a false position. In deci-
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'j taken several months later did not show fungus. Both
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ring the continuance of the fit, and an apparently strangling
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an extension, on application filed with him by the tax-
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refute that statement but in my series of 68 cases re-
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absence of other conditions which can simulate it are
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