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sore with kala-azar, this question of the constitutional

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molecule will be broken up and the elements compos-

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by the sternum. Besides, the right ventricle (Fig. 120) rests upon the

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from inflammation. And the less acute kinds of inflammation,

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coming to hospital. Complete paraplegia and anesthesia below um-

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lets of fibrous tissue.^' At each point where this takes place^

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Hospital at Haslar, where he served for four years, a

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removed by abdominal section ten days before, in the Samaritan

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Another objection of equal importance is the fact that in using

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must be of the finest kind) ; add the rose water to the eggs

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a certificate showing that, prior to entering upon the presciibed three

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sanatoria all the more essential, because they were generally

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ought to abandon the custom of quoting long passages

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Mr. Muirhead Little showed the radius and femur from

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For Temp. Major J. G. Tavlor, M.B., F.R.C.S., Roval Army Medical Corps, read Temp.

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with the alkali for twenty-four hours, until the benzoyl acetyl peroxide is

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" A case of Subcutaneous Nodules in the Hands of a Rheumatic Patient." George

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of the response and asked for a second voice vote. There was

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If this method should be found impracticable, and more

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