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Warm fomentations to the loins and perinseum are very sooth-

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German Homoeopathic Pharmacopeia. Heretofore there have

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collections of blood and intestinal matter. But the law-

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Dr. Billings, "will not apply to tlie treatment of any particular

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became unable to use the left hand. Gradually the loss of power in-

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The parasite therefore consists of a little mass of chromatin (the

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reversed during the past eight years. When Mr Bush said,

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in the treatment. In addition to this, if we have some of the protracted

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early phthisis, of the physical and other signs indicative of

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and that these are not related to theBinucleata. But as Mayer's

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Cask 3. Mrs. W. L., aged thirty-one. Primipara. This case was

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id treatments. Marlin waters are similar in analysis to those of the leading spas of

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inoculation for small-pox (which I have not seen) pub-

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elas faciei, occurring on the fourth day of the puer-

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periods the patient is quite free from attacks and she is perfectly

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provided they have, in the meantime, been engaged in practical sani-

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tips of the fingers, the nails feeling as though they were pulled off at the

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the number of assistant surgeons recently made by Con-

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hence furnish the lowest percentage of positive findings. As vigorous

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the tube being introduced through a canula of at least the diameter of the

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there is no displacement or depression of bones, it is wiser to

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the same manner, be again received into the circulation

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be as high as 3.65 to 1 (Lusk,*) or 3.65 to 6.25, since 1

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into the water, that is, it is more difficult to determine the fact of

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ntis, the physician is liable to confound the disease with malignant Malarial Fever.

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