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for the prisoner, that although the kernel of this nut was poisonou BttU

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gestions would appeal to every one. He believed there were pre-

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observations on their plasma showed it to contain a slight excess

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Dr. MacDonnell, and between whom there existed throughout

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slide your head, (and with it your eye) vnth the scope

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the second portion of my discourse, which will treat of

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Rochard had operated in four cases ; in two of these the perfora-

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truth than when he said before the Ameri- the inverse ratio to the age of the woman

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whole, Von Ziemssen is within the bounds of truth when he says,

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brought to the institution. Upon reaching the abode of the

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tion with it. Let us observe, for example, the symptom 176,

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come under his care. No member should be sacrificed when

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tion in his symptoms until yesterday evening after supper, when becom-

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tiva, and more frequently still, disturbance in the

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sputum was expectorated. On March 18 a blood culture was taken. On the

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of the brain up to the exit of the chorda tympani. According to

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y< >ung it i- iin »re « »ften an aca mipaninieiit

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it is not more frequent than in health. (6) According to Walshe,

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by blood, and we are not able to ofler any explanation for the high amount

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successor, there can be little doubt. He brings great

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mined, convalescence becomes less complete, periods of rest become

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