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racter of their action, their physical dispositions being known.

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were read from gentlemen who were unable to attend.

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that nuclein acts promptly and rapidly in checking any

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cal history of the aft'ection was well detined ; and, thongh dif-

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centered worker she is in a position to coordinate and

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by the use of this serum and this man not only saved a large

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us as practical physicians, is with reference to the possibility of

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" Occasionally patients in this group may have a cerebral attack,

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Dr. Churton has reported a case of ansesthesia of the left foot, without

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tologically, the most frequent form is the small round-celled

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rate organization. Loyalty to truth and progress now

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clinic at the Northwestern University Medical School opera-

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public benefactor. The Board of Aldermen appropriated one thousand

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have already quoted says, " A handsome stump, a symmetrical fracture,

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ments gave a more reliable indication of involution than the vertical ones. We

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object for which we are appointed. Now, if we show the Govern-

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les voies biliairesdulapindomestique(iepMS amiculus); sans distome dans les

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might be such a blow were this theory put forward as the

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ces ill uoriiialeiii nud patholooisclieiii Zustande.

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anesthetizer should depend upon no single danger signal.

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on the part of those whose business it was to carry it into effect ; if it

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Prosector (pro-8«c^t<^r). [L. pro for 4- ^eoa/rt

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At present her appetite is very great, iand:thirst inordinate. She

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idea they are loathsome and full of the vermin. Needless to say, that way

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